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Mighty Poet
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A poetic voice that gives strength within freedom of expression.

Poetic Emotions

Poetry is the most spiritually and emotionally elevating form of expression, used to communicate the inner dimensions of our hearts and minds. But when it is designed to create a freedom that gives voice to the unheard, it becomes so much more.

Experience the power of words, carved out with heartfelt intensity, from the hand of Mighty Poet.

Each poem is garnered deeply within a mind that has carried an incredible array of emotions, packed with a deliberately eye opening truth to reality, versus a carefully laid out fantasy we often witness.

Within these pages are a windstorm of complied strength and endurance. Pain and persistence. An inside look towards hope and possibilities.

These are the powerful words of a voice that will be heard. Listen and feel the strength…. within Mighty Poet.

Amaris Vazquez

My name is Amaris Vazquez aka Mighty Poet. I am a writer, poet, lover and a fighter. Like my horoscope (cancer) I am hard on the outside and soft inside. I love hard and will take the shirt off my back to help a stranger.

I grew up in Boston, ma. My grandmother raised me till I was 13 and she got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My whole world got turned upside down that day. I was placed with different family members because my grandmother couldn’t remember things anymore and now I was bouncing around from house to house feeling unwanted and also not wanting to be anywhere but with my grandmother.

I started writing in elementary school and won an award for writing and illustrating my own book and I got deeper into writing when I had no one to talk to. I felt invisible so I wrote about my feelings and my surroundings and I kept my journals in a treasure chest.

I have been through so much that many wouldn’t make it a mile in my shoes. I’ve gone from house to house, gone through a raid, seen so many fights and I have lost so many friends to violence. I’ve done a year in jail for being at the wrong place at the wrong time and I got married and divorced young.

Anywhere I go, I stand out! I’m short, I’m a tomboy lesbian, I am left handed and I am an educated Puerto Rican poet! I have so many stories to tell through my poetry and I wish to share it with the world. I am an open book and I want the world to read me!

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About the Author

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Amaris Vazquez
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