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Book Video Trailers/Teasers

Our upcoming books always tend to lend an air of excitement, at AJBPublishing! So this section right here is dedicated to the amazing stories our authors have in store for you, and giving you a taste of the experience you will encounter.  We'll be adding new videos and content for our upcoming book trailers, so stay tuned. The adventure has only just begun....

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Human Scent-Teaser Trailer

(Human Scent – Animal Attraction – Book one, by Andrea Johnson. Coming soon in 2020!)

They exist in your homes. You've welcomed them into your hearts. And now, they want to take your place. Only the prophesied few can stand against what is coming.

They were once angels. But the penalty for interfering with human lives was severe. Now, forced to live as humans in the forms of animals, the secret society has served mankind in the only way they could, for centuries….as their pets. But nothing lasts forever. And there are those among this secret society that seeks to turn the tables, on the ones they were meant to protect…. permanently.  

Get ready for this new paranormal thriller series, from the author with the unusual edge, Andrea Johnson. Coming soon in 2020!

AJBP-Comics, Coming Soon! Our new comics division will deliver to our audience an interesting blend on heroes and villains. From modern day urban citizens, to unbelievably ancient creatures and species from this world, and the next.


Experience stories within adventures that will make you feel....a part of their world.

Stay Tuned!

Black Reverence - Second book in the Sefa Noir  
Black expressions of love series


You seduced me with one sentence and the falling rain and moonlight became the backdrop of our passion. We were taken hostage by our own impulsive desires and had no care to be free again. Your intensity pulled me in like the moon moves the ocean. Your darkness and power became an insatiable craving and I awoke after each encounter wanting more. It was the fullness of your lips, energy of your being, and the blackness of a people that stretches back before recorded time emerging from your words, and I do nothing less but give myself as a gift in reverence.

Juice Box, by Ricky Boone

In every man there comes a time when he must face the consequences of his actions. There is a price for everything, and the cost is often higher for those with the best intentions….

Lonnie McGill is determined to move forward and become the man of god that he was always destined to be. Fighting to bring his life into a place that is free from the disease of his past.

However, hell is paved with the darkness of his deeds, and a force that refuses to release control of his mind.


Unfortunately for Lonnie, his previous sexual encounters, and all of the pain and broken promises he left behind, have somehow caught up with him. A powerful entity that is feeding off of all the pieces formed, from the many women that held parts of his soul. And it haunts him. Hungers for him. Seeking to destroy what is left of his sanity.

In order to ever have a chance at happiness, Lonnie must find a way to destroy this sexual demon. No matter how tempting her juices may be….

Poetry Collaboration!

Ricky Boone & Sefa Noir

The intertwining of two very prominent Poetry authors, has the most 

pulchritudinous effects, when touched with the soul.


Ricky Boone, the Author of Pillow Talk, and Sefa Noir, the Author of Drops in Black Sand, brings to you a joint project, presented by Andrea Johnson Books Publishing. A poetry collaboration that melds the mind, and ties the strings within your soul. 


The strings of Unrequited Love, by Ricky Boone and Sefa Noir. Watch the video, and experience a taste of two of the most powerful voices in poetry today.

The Soulful Substance, by 
Dwayne J. Torres 

The power of touching the spirit can be the most beautiful and life changing interaction you will ever experience. And finding a combination of strength and love within words are the epitome of what the mind seeks to bring together, as it searches for the perfect synchronization.

Within this beautiful and emotionally awakening poetry, Author Dwayne J. Torres delivers pieces of the soul that are craftily designed to enrich and inspire the inner man/woman and speak to the heart of their existence. With the added touch of powerful images of African American figures included!

This type of inspiration goes beyond the physical and brings to you a voice that captures the message of God and an insightful purpose of passion, destiny, deliverance and unity.

Allow this powerful poetry to create in you, a new level of soulful substance.

Coming Soon!

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