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Schedule a consultation/Submission guidelines

You can schedule a one on one consultation with us, or you can simply submit the first three chapters of your manuscript for consideration. Please follow our submission guidelines below before proceeding.

Submitting your work for consideration:

1)You must submit the first three chapters of your manuscript by email to: 

2) Manuscript must be typed and in Microsoft word format, and sent in an attached file with the email. We will not accept manuscripts copied into the body of the email.

3)In the subject line, enter the title of the book you are submitting.

4)In the body of the email, include your first and last name, the genre of the book you're submitting, a brief synopsis of the story, and inform us if the book is complete, or still being worked on.

5)Please include the best email address and phone number you wish to be contacted by. And the best times of day you are available.


6)You will be notified within three weeks as to the status of your submission.

We do not accept:

1) Manuscripts for books under 50,000 words, unless it is e-book only. 

2)Books in the Genre of:

child pornography or Racially themed books.


Tel: 1-888-782-4773 ext-6




Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

Use the contact form to schedule a consultation.

Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly.

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