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Dwayne D-MacKing
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Mystic Values Volume # 1 Rampage

Rage....can be another man's downfall......

The creator of the Mystic Values Series: D-MacKing

About The Author

Dwayne Torres II (aka: D-MacKing) was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. And relocated to Dallas, TX in 2010. His creative talents include poetry, drama and performing arts, and writing illustrated comics.

 The creator of Mystic Values, D-MacKing states: “it took three years to finally make my dreams come true by creating my first comic book series Mystic Values, due to the inspiration of the late and great Dwayne McDuffie & Stan Lee who gave comic book writers like myself a voice of value and respect for all the nerds around the world.


I am very humbled to share a new hero, Rampage, and I hope you enjoy his origin story as much I loved designing him. Stay tuned for more stories to come.

Stay tuned for more of Author D-MacKing's works, coming soon!

Every hero has his origin story….


Jonathon McAllister (Rampage) is narrating the story of his past, and the events that led up to his current situation. How he came to be…the Rampage wolf.

After years of being pursued by powerful enemies, a young Jonathan McAlister must make a choice to fight or run from the threats that are going to change his and his family’s lives forever.


While he is still within the learning phase of harnessing the power of the great wolf known as Rampage, which is a vengeful spirit to cast out all evil that dwells within this world, there are forces determined to obtain what he has.

 His family has been in possession of great and superior animal instincts and strength, abilities that have allowed them to protect themselves within in each generation.

Now Jonathan has to figure out what kind of hero he wants to be, before the bloodline of wickedness catches up to him and destroys his family legacy.

Coming soon!

Mystic Values Volume # 2 Wolf on The Run

Check out the Rampage Trailer!
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