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Florencia Flo

Moore Lies Unveiled
Author Florencia Flo
Shonneaita Grays writing as Florencia Flo
Moore lies unveiled
Moore lies Unveiled
Moore lies unveiled
About the Author

Shonneaita Grays (writing as Author: Florencia Flo) and her son Va'Lad are Louisiana natives who lives up to the saying; “Home is where the heart is”. Her son was the motivation she needed to move and venture out of the south to find the city in a country girl’s heart and for his well-being. It was in Massachusetts where they found their home. She took to heart the theme song of Cheers: “I wanna be where everyone knows my name” and made it her own by saying: “I wanna live where nobody knows my name” because she felt Louisiana was never her forever home. A few years later she felt something was still missing from her life, but she couldn’t put her finger on it until she finished reading a story from; it was writing.


Writing has always been her passion and gift; she would write down her thoughts when she was angry, kept inspirational quotes and poems to comfort her. It allowed her to express herself and pour out her heart to get things off her chest so she could have a peace of mind. Just like the great authors who wrote her favorite books such as: A Day Late and a Dollar Short, Blood and Chocolate, and the many other stories from Which is where she created LouciousDiva81 and gave birth to her first book she named “Love For Money" to share with her Wattpad readers. She thought if these great writers can do it, then why can't I? She expressed her writing technique as an out-of-body experience when writing from a character POV. Her purpose is to give them life, personality, and individuality to make the readers embody the characters and be able to feel their emotions as the words paint a visual picture in their minds and she feels; that’s what make her a unique writer.


Stay tuned for more of Author Florencia Flo’s upcoming books!

Moore Lies Unveiled

Everything he knew was about to change….


The questions have always haunted X’avian. Mysteries surrounding the identity of his father, and why no one ever wanted to speak of him? There were secrets his mother and grandfather kept from him, and a thinly veiled layer of devastation, that X’avian had tried to ignore, as the years passed on. But even within carefully covered up agendas, someone always makes a mistake.


When the tragic and untimely death of X’avian’s mother causes his uncle to take him in, everything begins to unravel. Leading X’avian to discover that the high school his uncle transferred him to, was where his mother and father had originally met.


As suspicions begin to rise, X’avian realizes there is far more that his family was hiding from him. And the pieces all lead to a more complicated and dangerous puzzle. The further in he goes, leads him closer to what he may not want to know. But there is no turning back, as it becomes clear to X’avian that the impact of his family secrets… will forever change his life.

Shonneaita Grays
Coming Soon!
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Moore Lies Unveiled II
Love, Trust, and Moore Deceit.

For X’avian McTyson the storm is finally over because when one story ends another begins. The McTyson name was given to him at birth with no meaning, no history, or no origin of where it came from until Pandora’s box was opened. Now a new chapter has started at the end of a tragic lost and is the beginning of bright future because not everyone get a second chance of life. Love is built not made, Trust is gained not give, and Karma is a bitch that it best to be left alone. Everyone have problems of their own but its how you handle your problems that will determine the outcome of your decisions.

Moore Lies Unveiled 2-cover.jpg
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