The Embryos

Angela Williams has a secret...... 

Strong, independent, and extremely focused on her career as a reporter, Angela was not known to slow down. But she wanted to make her family happy. Her husband Jeff and their two teenage kids, Brittany and Karl, were used to living in an unstable atmosphere. Between her demanding job and the constant traveling, she was almost never home. So when her husband suggested the move, Angela went against everything that she'd trained herself to never allow, or ever permit to fall into place. She lowered her guard. 

In Oakwood Village, her secret will touch an evil that will give new meaning to the word family. 

It is the perfect town. A community of people so close knit, everyone is considered family. Literally. In Oakwood, the people share more than just blood. 

Angela cannot explain her uneasy feelings about her new home, or why everyone else seems to fit in except her. But when tragedy strikes, and bodies begin piling up in the morgue, she realizes that Oakwood itself holds an unthinkable secret. A hidden knowledge that will force her to come face to face with what she has kept buried within herself. 

But unfortunately, she may be too late to protect her children from a people with an unusual bloodthirsty need for the young......

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Blood of my Blood - Broken covenant

There has always been a key to the gates of hell. And with it, an Angel of light for each generation, assigned to guard it with their life. A female that is born only from the line of grace. But with each Angel of light, a demon warlord is also created to subdue her. And so it has been with no success. Those with heavenly grace were always one step ahead. But when one Angel forgets who she is, and yearns for mortality, nothing will ever be the same again. 

Because of one moment of weakness, and a dangerous soul splitting ritual, the race has now begun. The key has been released, along with the darkness that is destroying every Angel born of grace. Fear and death now lives and walks the earth. And the only thing that can stop what has been set in motion, is a young girl. Samantha Richardson has no idea who she is. However, the evil that stalks knows her well. And is steadily hunting her. But after years of running, can Samantha handle the truth? Or is a lie easier to accept than what is right before her eyes?

First book in the Blood of my Blood series
What They Don't Know - E-book

David Easton has a problem. 

Ever since his wife died in a tragic accident, he hasn't been able to let go of the pain. After years have passed, he's finally begun to heal with the help of his new wife and daughter, and begin to put the pieces back together again. But when David has a sudden relapse, he decides the best way to tell his family about the pain of his past, is by showing them a 
re-enactment of his darkest memories...for real.

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