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Kami D.

Kami D.
Awesome Autistic Signals
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Introducing Author: Kami D.

I am Kami Darby, (writing as Kami D.) born and raised in Jackson, MS. From a very young age I took an interest in reading books, thanks to my grandmother who had a small bookshelf in the living room. I suffered severely from a speech impediment, a severe studder.


At the age of 8 years old I picked up a love for writing, because when I wrote on paper the words flowed out. I went on to winning first place in writing; the way my teacher expressed how well she felt for my words, made me feel like writing was something that I could accomplish, and getting my message across would have others see what I think daily in my mind.

I would go on to daydream, about stories based on true events that was surrounding my circumstances. My mom would read me and my sister books that she wrote about little girls in the same living conditions as us, making the best out of their situations. This would add to my desire to write, and story tell.

Going into high school when the teacher would ask us to write essays, I would hear my classmates complaining, but in my mind a fire sparked. Now that I’m an adult, everything that I have witnessed and learned while becoming an adult, is a storytelling experience for me. Now that I have children (Rocket and Kiptu Singh) I am still learning new ways of their feelings, etc.

The same way my mom would story tell, I incorporate a similar philosophy into my writing with every learning experience, from life to motherhood.

This wonderful and heartwarming book is based off true events from children with Autism. There are many different spectrums pertaining to the symptoms. But this book relates to a 2 year old boy named Kaleb, who’s mom just received the diagnosis from the doctors, that her son has Autism.


His mother learns patience & identifies certain signals that her child gives.


It’s difficult for Kaleb to speak his needs/ wants due to Autism, therefore he signals. 


Parents, children, siblings, and others who may have an awesome child in their lives with autism, all can benefit from this book by learning different ways autistic people communicate.

Awesome Autistic Signals

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Stay tuned for more exciting things from Author Kami D!!

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