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Counting with Kailee - by Kerais Sutton - Ebook

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This colorful and family friendly tale is about a 2 year old little girl named Kailee, and her Aunt. Kailee is learning how to practice numbers before she begins school. Kailee and her Aunt travels to White Rock Lake to learn how to count.

Counting is so important for the young developing brain, and learning this skill early on can teach many valuable traits that kids will use throughout their lifetime.

What better way than to make it fun while taking your growing child on an adventure they will love!

Counting with Kailee will help kids learn about adding and subtracting, which can lead to bigger things needed in life, like calculating the sales of clothing while shopping. Learning how to write a check. Discovering skills about entrepreneurship, saving, and more!

Allow Counting with Kailee to be the first step in your child’s learning development. And make it a fun and beautiful experience that will last a lifetime.
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