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Heart of the Diamond and The New World - by Talitha Torres - paperback

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Diamonds aren't always a girl's best friend!

Diamond Sparkle is embarrassed by her great grandfather’s time machine invention, and the fact that everyone knows about it. Her great grandfather has been trying to get her to visit him for the past two years with no success. She feels that he’s just a crazy old man, and wishes that she never knew him.

When Diamond’s mother forces her to see him, she vows to make it her one and only trip. However, when she discovers some of her friends already there, curiosity wins out over her instincts, and things take a turn for the unusual when a beautiful gift given by her great grandfather is used to activate the time machine she never wanted to see.

Now, with the help of her friends, Diamond will need to find a way back home, and she will need to trust her heart, and the great grandfather she never really knew.

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