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Inspirationally Redeemed - by Dwayne J. Torres - Ebook

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Poetry has many levels and directions that are used to elevate and capture elusive parts of ourselves that we often find missing. The heart and soul yearn for a peace that can balance out the storms many individuals drown in, and are consumed by their fears of self doubt.

Inspirationally redeemed is creatively written with uplifting and spiritually delivering poetry, that captures the words and wisdom most people are driven to feel, but very few know how to express.

Each motivating and powerfully driven poem deals with our inner pain, relationships, success, empowerment, depression and our ability to love another the way God intended it to be.

These soulfully delivered words of love and inspiration will help uplift you, no matter what you may currently be going through. Within these pages you will find just a closer step with God, and a touch of his hand that can heal and redeem.

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