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The King of Credence - by Andrea Johnson - paperback

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His purpose is to find his people....

His name is Adofo. A man that stands apart from any other to have graced the earth. You will not find his likeness, or even his DNA. And there is one very unusual explanation for that.

Adofo lives in a time of earth's future. A time when the planet is faced with extinction, and the only thing that saves it, is his wisdom. He is made king of a new world, and leads his citizens into prosperity.

However, when a vengeful enemy from a nearby planet releases a toxic gas into the air, it has the ability to send the king and all his people back hundreds of years into the past. Back to the 21st century.

With his people scattered all over, king Adofo must fight through a world of hate and dissension. He must get his people to remember who he is, in order to bring them all home.

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