Poetry that waters the soul

Sefa Noir
Author of 
Drops in Black Sand

He said to her over dinner late one evening, “you are a pleasure. A pleasure to look at, a pleasure to listen to, a pleasure to talk to, you are my Sefa.”  A pleasure as it is known in Turkish, yet her desires were dark, and subtle like the film genre and Sefa Noir was born.

Raised in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey, Sefa Noir did all the “right” things and followed every societal rule. Moving through life doing the expected, college, career and family, however underneath her responsibilities beat the heart of a passionate poet and a student of black culture and eroticism.

A self-described submissive female in the Dominant/Submissive sub-culture, Sefa Noir has long been a witness and participant in the beauty of strong black love.

In this her first published collection of poetry, Sefa Noir uses verbal and photographic imagery to explore the depths of passion, dedication, submission, dominance, commitment and unrequited black love. Join her in a walk across the black sand.

Drops in Black Sand

Poetry that waters the soul.

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The official Drops in Black Sand Trailer
                 Black Reverence
     Second book in the Sefa Noir
     Black expressions of love series

You seduced me with one sentence and the falling rain and moonlight became the backdrop of our passion. We were taken hostage by our own impulsive desires and had no care to be free again. Your intensity pulled me in like the moon moves the ocean. Your darkness and power became an insatiable craving and I awoke after each encounter wanting more. It was the fullness of your lips, energy of your being, and the blackness of a people that stretches back before recorded time emerging from your words, and I do nothing less but give myself as a gift in reverence.

Surrender to the gift of
Black Reverence

'Beautiful love quotes, and soulful expressions of black love, in full graphic colorful photos, for that special someone.'

The official Black Reverence Trailer
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