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Rafael Gracia JR.
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Confessions of a Concierge
Rafael Gracia Jr.

About the Author

Born Jan 16th 1971 at Bellevue Hospital New York City the first son of my Puerto Rican Parents Rafael Gracia, Sr and Angela Torres I am the oldest of four children. I have always loved the world of entertainment since I was a child, I guess that’s why I was always the class clown.


I grew up in Manhattan and Brooklyn New York (East New York) I survived the Black out of 1978, Son of Sam, the crack era, the Aids Pandemic and the blizzard of 1996. I am the proud father of 4 beautiful Kids (Twin Girls Cassie and Chloe my Son Thomas Rafael and of course the spoiled little Princess Iris Rafaella).


I’m just your typical Nuyorican with dreams of making a name for himself I’m a Nine to fiver ,Stand Up Comic , Talk Show host , Independent Wrestler and DJ. Not bad for a 50 year old from Brooklyn.

Confessions of a Concierge

This book is all about the experiences I had while working as a Concierge at a Building in Long Island City New York, for over a year starting in 2009. 


The experiences you are about to read are true, they are not about a million little fibers but a look into the world of the upper class through the eyes of a simple lower-class father of four, who took the job during a recession because no other work was available.

Some of the individuals who are in this book are the kind of people you either love or hate or have read about or seen on television shows and movies, but to me they are just characters in the real world. Some characters I would call friends and good-hearted people, others I call just characters. You will read about all kinds of people, Hispanics, Jewish, African Americans, and Asians, homosexuals, a former hippie, former Military personal, and Sellouts. You know, the ones that forget where they came from, and pretend to be somebody else.

It's funny how upper-class people look down on you like you are a piece of crap or look at you like you need pity. But the funny part is about how bad or sad their lives are behind closed doors.

These are my Confessions, through the eyes of the characters that I had the pleasure and displeasure to meet.

In a world where everything can be staged for performance, the truth can feel like water to dry land.
Rafael Gracia Jr.  is the well known host of the talk show: The R and R show (Raw and Ready) Stay tuned for Rafael's upcoming books and more!
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