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Science Fiction

The King of Credence

His purpose is to find his people....


His name is Adofo. A man that stands apart from any other to have graced the earth. You will not find his likeness, or even his DNA. And there is one very unusual explanation for that.


Adofo lives in a time of earth's future. A time when the planet is faced with extinction, and the only thing that saves it, is his wisdom. He is made king of a new world, and leads his citizens into prosperity.


However, when a vengeful enemy from a nearby planet releases a toxic gas into the air, it has the ability to send the king and all his people back of hundreds of years into the past. Back to the 21st century.


With his people scattered all over, king Adofo must fight through a world of hate and dissension. He must get his people to remember who he is, in order to bring them all home.

His Nuclear Requiem - E book

He is a family man and friend. A man that can be depended on. But he’s dying inside.  Slowly each year. The cost to live and exist weighs on him with each waking moment. But no one knows the secret that he hides so well. Even from his family. Damien Jones only has a certain amount of time to live before the radioactive heart inside of him explodes, causing a nuclear reaction that could be the end of everything on the face of the earth.

A horrible experiment in his youth that had gone terribly wrong, he has spent most of his adult life secretly looking for the cure. A way to stop the time bomb from beating inside his chest. Trying to live a normal life, he knows there is only one way to destroy what’s inside him. He has to find the girl. The unusual young woman who was responsible for his accident.  However, after twenty years of searching, Damien suddenly discovered more than he realized about the thing slowly ticking away inside of him. He will need to become everything he has always shunned. In order for Damien to protect the world…It will take one very special woman who will need to save him first.

Vantanka - E-book

In a world of darkness, a place billions of light years from earth, there is a planet called: Vantanka. Here on this distant plane of life are people that exist much like me and you. However, some may appear to have special qualities, and there is one very distinct difference that separates them from earth. Their world is surrounded by a thick blanket of darkness. A planet void of any light. It is a place that holds a sacred prophecy, that there will come a day when a young man will bring great light. He will have the power of the moon, and he will be called; Prince of Midnight. But the people of  Vantanka live in fear of this prophecy. They fear the one fatal clause that comes with it.


The Prince of Midnight must solve the final riddle of the prophecy. He must discover the young woman who would bring the power of the sun. With her light, and his powerful glow, they can banish the darkness from the planet for all eternity. But if he cannot find her...Midnight will be consumed by the power of his own darkness, and he will destroy what is left of  Vantanka and all who live there. With this knowledge, there is an evil that has risen. And it will stop at nothing until the prophecy is no longer a possibility. Originally a volume series, this is the epic book of the lonely young man called Midnight, the chosen one with the power of the moon, and his impossible journey to find the sun.

Behind the Forest - E-book

A couple vacationing on a remote island have been offered the chance of a lifetime. But not all things are as they appear to be.


When Stephanie and Alex are given the opportunity to have a baby, after having already miscarried and lost their child, they jumped at the chance to be a family. But the price they will pay is nothing compared to the blood that will be required.

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