Discipline's World 

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Exclusive Photos
inside Hardcover
Exclusive photos
inside Hardcover only!!
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Once you enter Discipline’s world, there’s no turning back –


Leave all your inhibitions at the door. Forget everything you thought you knew. There is nothing that can prepare you for the experience you are about to receive. Once you belong to Discipline, you will always be his. Your life changes from the moment he walks into it. Everything else becomes irrelevant.


In Discipline’s world, you will witness firsthand the journey and sizzling erotic energies that one unique woman will encounter, as she is dominated and educated step by step, on the genuine form of BDSM, and the reality of true submission by the master himself.  Raw, uncut, and complete Dominance of the mind, body, and soul.


Experience what it means to truly be apart of Discipline’s world.

Pillow Talk
Ricky Boone

Imagine the most intimate details of your desires. Your deepest thoughts and fantasies that are only allowed to explore within the most secret parts of your mind. The hot trickle of sweat that trails your body, when you dream and often fantasize of that one simmering touch, the only one who will bring relief to your endless and unquenchable need.

Pillow talk…is a collection of the most sensuous and deeply invigorating blend of erotic poetry, from Author, Ricky Boone.  In these seductively written poems, you are drawn into a world of passion and repletion. Heart wrenching devotion, and the true power of undeniable love.

No more holding back. Let your desires become unchained within the serenity of these powerful words. Experience the untapped feeling of the imagination unleashed.


Listen. Relax.


Come lay your head…on his pillow.

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