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       E.L Discipline

Hardcover deluxe edition
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If you don't believe in anything, you should believe in Discipline.
E.L Discipline
E.L Discipline
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The Importance of Discipline, is a spiritual and mental guide that will help you to understand what it truly means to elevate and empower yourself. you will learn firsthand from a master, that has perfected the art of transforming your emotions, and tapping into the redefined meaning of Discipline.

Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, E.L Discipline is the author of: The Seduction of Discipline, and The Importance of Discipline. His wildly controversial first book broke barriers, as he educated the masses on the true form of spiritual connections. Now with his second book, The Importance of Discipline, he aims to impart his knowledge of  the inner workings of leadership and development. How to adapt to any environment around you, and becoming more in control of the dynamics of your future. 

His books are taking the world by storm. And his education speaks volumes. His goal is clear, as he has one main purpose in mind:  To change the world, one reader at a time. 

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