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Other Books by E.L Discipline 

      Discipline's World
Hardcover Deluxe Edition
Available Now!
Book # 2 in The Seduction of Discipline Series
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 Discipline's World
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Discipline's World -


Once you enter Discipline’s world, there’s no turning back –


Leave all your inhibitions at the door. Forget everything you thought you knew. There is nothing that can prepare you for the experience you are about to receive. Once you belong to Discipline, you will always be his. Your life changes from the moment he walks into it. Everything else becomes irrelevant.


In Discipline’s world, you will witness firsthand the journey and sizzling erotic energies that one unique woman will encounter, as she is dominated and educated step by step, on the genuine form of BDSM, and the reality of true submission by the master himself.  Raw, uncut, and complete Dominance of the mind, body, and soul.


Experience what it means to truly be apart of Discipline’s world.

Available Now!

The Immortality of Discipline

Hardcover deluxe edition
Book # 3 in The Seduction of Discipline Series
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With Marissa Jade from VH1's Mob Wives Season 6,  Law & Order, Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, Will Ferrell's film 'ELF',
& Celebrity big brother.
The Immortality of Discipline
Paperback edition
The Immortality of Discipline, by E.L Discipline

The Immortality of Discipline



-Do you want mediocrity? Or do you want immortality?-


In darkness life can be reborn. A violent and tragic encounter with a woman who is a creature unlike any of this world, changes the path of Discipline forever. She took everything that mattered from him, creating a fury born of hate, and a lust for revenge. Making him into the most powerful vampire the world has ever known.


Discipline’s insatiable hunger causes him to rise to unspeakable heights. Now known as one of the most wealthiest club owners in New York City, his playground is boundless. Taking beautiful victims to satisfy his rage, and incomparable craving for blood.


Until he meets Cleopatra. A sensual and unusual woman that tantalizes his senses and goes far beyond the simple lust for the kill. Discipline will stop at nothing to make her completely his. To forge a bond unlike anything else and rule a darkness together with power and control. Because if Cleopatra is what Discipline desires, she already belongs to him……

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