Her Mask - E-book

Three women. One man. Her mask. 

Detective Drake has never seen anything like it. A killer that cannot be seen. A masked murderer and mastermind who is always one step ahead. As the trail of bodies begin to grow, he will need to put the pieces of the puzzle together quickly, for someone has a thirst for blood.


And because of one person's fatal mistake, no one will ever be safe again.

Voices of Tear Drops

To some individuals, the presence of life holds more than just the meaning of existing. Or living to perform a particular purpose that reality dictates you must adhere to.

In this heart wrenching tale, a young man tells the story of his life, and the darkness that eventually consumes him. His struggle with abuse and violence, and the intervention that saved his life, but also inevitably destroyed it.

In his journey towards discovering the true meaning  of right and wrong, and life and death, he will find within a world of ideology, that there are no answers worth listening to…unless the voice you hear is your own.

The Gates Keeper

Cassandra Martin is a conduit for lust and desire. She uses her beauty to draw in men to a place that no one will ever know exists. She is a woman in a long line of mistresses who have held a special key to a gate that no man can ever leave from. Her job, as so many others before her, is to make sure they never do.

Cassandra is the last surviving heir to a key that locks men with dark souls, within a hidden prison of torture deep beneath the earth’s core. She has always served her purpose well, using seduction and a man’s weakness against him. She has never failed.

Until Drago Brown.

Drago, an escaped convict is not certain of Cassandra’s agenda, when he first meets the incredibly beautiful seductress, and she offers him what no man would normally refuse. However, his instincts warn him to move cautiously, and discover the hidden secrets and darkness he suspects lies beneath her innocent countenance.  But his own battle within himself, and the decision to destroy or save the woman he doesn’t want to love, may be his own downfall.   

The Abracadabra Murders


Elliot Cassidy is a retired military soldier dishonorably discharged for a crime he didn’t commit. His past is filled with unanswered questions better left alone. So his solitary existence suits him, as he attempts to learn again how to co-exist with the civil world.

However, when similar murders begin to create a copy cat pattern linking directly back to his own sordid history, Elliot must use his highly trained skills to track and take down a killer, that performs an amazing disappearing act.


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