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Just When I Thought-by Jae Loy-paperback

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An emotional roller coaster ride filled with unexpected and devastating results....

At only 25 years old, Jean has been dreaming of starting a business since she was a young girl. Imagining her two best friends, Tiffany and Latonia, joining in with her plans for the future. No one said it would be easy, but with careful strategy, they were determined to make it work to their advantage. However, despite Jean’s tight knit vision for greater things, life had another plan for her entirely. Facing the brutality of heartbreak, betrayal, jealousy and fear, Jean is surrounded by her friends. Even despite the fact that her closest one, Ray, is at the heart of her deepest despair. Dealing with dark and hidden secrets of his own. Jean finds herself embedded within scandals and lies, and realizes the friends she thought she knew, are more than what she was prepared to face. In the end, Karma has a way of delivering the truth…just when you thought…you had it all figured out.

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