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Vintage Black, by Sefa Noir - paperback

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Author Sefa Noir has released another collection of the most beautifully written poetry imaginable. She has a natural flair that seduces the reader into a poetic prose that is nothing less than addictive….

Our love, black love, often lost in a fire of broken yesterdays, and the cloudy grey mornings of tomorrows yet to be. This love is timeless and certain like the pages of a history book. A love vivid with color and often tainted by circumstance. A love so cherished and tender that freedom was the only thing we fought harder for.

Have you seen this love? It's quiet and simple, its every day, and plain, it's complex, and troubled, yet always beautiful. This love is full of life, laughter and sometimes tears. Walk through the memories of lovers young and old, lost and found, beautiful and black seen through intimate photographs from the past, narrated by prose, and witness…

Vintage Black.

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