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Self help/Non fiction books

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Inspirationally Redeemed
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Dwayne J. Torres
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Everyone wants to hear something great from the one they love. Even if they know it already or have heard it before. Hearing it spoken aloud makes all the difference in the world.


– Dwayne J. Torres


Poetry has many levels and directions that are used to elevate and capture  elusive parts of ourselves that we often find missing. The heart and soul yearn for a peace that can balance out the storms many individuals drown in, and are consumed by their fears of self doubt.

Inspirationally redeemed is creatively written with uplifting and spiritually delivering poetry, that captures the words and wisdom most people are driven to feel, but very few know how to express.

Each motivating and powerfully driven poem deals with our inner pain, relationships, success, empowerment, depression and our ability to love another the way God intended it to be.

These soulfully delivered words of love and inspiration will help uplift you, no matter what you may currently be going through. Within these pages you will find  just a closer step with God, and a touch of his hand that can heal and redeem.

As an ordained minister, Dwayne J. Torres has a ministry of love and support throughout the community. He has a practical approach that allows his message to reach people from all backgrounds. His unique way of speaking to the people, has a wonderful blend of love and understanding, making individuals feel comfortable to come as they are, with no judgement, and no restrictions. He uses his gifts to help those that are searching for spiritual guidance, and takes special interest in all those that he opens his door to.

Dwayne has over 20 years of marketing and public relations experience. His knowledge of personal mentorship and motivational speaking has been an asset in helping families and individuals. 


As an Insurance broker and ordained minister, Dwayne has taken his passion for helping people to promote the services of personal Insurance through various media outlets and community centers. His expertise as a Licensed Broker and a motivational speaker, go hand in hand with the excellent service he provides to the people he helps every day. He combines his ministry with his knowledge of insurance to bring to the community a new voice that will make a difference today.

With his first published book of inspirational poetry, Dwayne J. Torres aspires to touch the souls and hearts of the broken and confused. And give a message of love that will leave the presence of God with all who encounters it. His motivational words of truth and wisdom will not only inspire, it will change and uplift the lives who thirst for the knowledge that comes from within the spirit.

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The Soulful Substance

The power of touching the spirit can be the most beautiful and life changing interaction you will ever experience. And finding a combination of strength and love within words are the epitome of what the mind seeks to bring together, as it searches for the perfect synchronization.

Within this beautiful and emotionally awakening poetry, Author Dwayne J. Torres delivers pieces of the soul that are craftily designed to enrich and inspire the inner man/woman and speak to the heart of their existence. With the added touch of powerful images of African American figures included!

Going beyond the physical and bringing to you a voice that captures the message of God and an insightful purpose of passion, destiny, deliverance and unity.

Allow this powerful poetry to create in you, a new level of soulful substance.

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The Importance of Discipline

A spiritual and mental guide that will help you to understand what it truly means to elevate and empower yourself. You will learn firsthand from a master, that has perfected the art of transforming your emotions, and tapping into the redefined meaning of discipline.

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