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Urban Fiction
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Ricky Boone
Juice Box

In every man there comes a time when he must face the consequences of his actions. There is a price for everything, and the cost is often higher for those with the best intentions….

Lonnie McGill is determined to move forward and become the man of god that he was always destined to be. Fighting to bring his life into a place that is free from the disease of his past.

However, hell is paved with the darkness of his deeds, and a force that refuses to release control of his mind.


Unfortunately for Lonnie, his previous sexual encounters, and all of the pain and broken promises he left behind, have somehow caught up with him. A powerful entity that is feeding off of all the pieces formed, from the many women that held parts of his soul. And it haunts him. Hungers for him. Seeking to destroy what is left of his sanity.

In order to ever have a chance at happiness, Lonnie must find a way to destroy this sexual demon. No matter how tempting her juices may be….

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The Bouquet 

If you’re not careful, love can be found in all of the wrong places….


Jermaine Taylor has always yearned for love. And within the arms of the woman who would become his bride, it appeared as if he’d found it. But the bonds that go deep are not always the strongest, as he discovers the love of his dreams turns out to be a made up imitation of lies, buried within a cold heart.


But one mistake only leads to another, and a vulnerable man can leave himself open to a world of pain, if wounds are not healed before the wrong one comes to nurse them.

In Jermaine’s grief, the bouquet exchanges hands, but not everyone that catches it has the right intentions behind it. Who can be trusted? Broken promises will be the breaking point in which Jermaine will come to understand. The real holder of the bouquet, was where he never expected her to be…

Ricky Boone
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