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Sefa Noir
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Drops in Black Sand

He said to her over dinner late one evening, “you are a pleasure. A pleasure to look at, a pleasure to listen to, a pleasure to talk to, you are my Sefa.”  A pleasure as it is known in Turkish, yet her desires were dark, and subtle like the film genre and Sefa Noir was born.

Raised in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey, Sefa Noir did all the “right” things and followed every societal rule. Moving through life doing the expected, college, career and family, however underneath her responsibilities beat the heart of a passionate poet and a student of black culture and eroticism.

A self-described submissive female in the Dominant/Submissive sub-culture, Sefa Noir has long been a witness and participant in the beauty of strong black love.

In this her first published collection of poetry, Sefa Noir uses verbal and photographic imagery to explore the depths of passion, dedication, submission, dominance, commitment and unrequited black love. Join her in a walk across the black sand.

Inspirationally Redeemed

Poetry has many levels and directions that are used to elevate and capture  elusive parts of ourselves that we often find missing. The heart and soul yearn for a peace that can balance out the storms many individuals drown in, and are consumed by their fears of self doubt.

Inspirationally redeemed is creatively written with uplifting and spiritually delivering poetry, that captures the words and wisdom most people are driven to feel, but very few know how to express.

Each motivating and powerfully driven poem deals with our inner pain, relationships, success, empowerment, depression and our ability to love another the way God intended it to be.

These soulfully delivered words of love and inspiration will help uplift you, no matter what you may currently be going through. Within these pages you will find  just a closer step with God, and a touch of his hand that can heal and redeem.

Dwayne J. Torres
Pillow Talk
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Ricky Boone

Imagine the most intimate details of your desires. Your deepest thoughts and fantasies that are only allowed to explore within the most secret parts of your mind. The hot trickle of sweat that trails your body, when you dream and often fantasize of that one simmering touch, the only one who will bring relief to your endless and unquenchable need.

Pillow talk…is a collection of the most sensuous and deeply invigorating blend of erotic poetry, from Author, Ricky Boone. 

In these seductively written poems, you are drawn into a world of passion and repletion. Heart wrenching devotion, and the true power of undeniable love.

No more holding back. Let your desires become unchained within the serenity of these powerful words. Experience the untapped feeling of the imagination unleashed.


Listen. Relax.


Come lay your head…on his pillow.

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Black Reverence

'Beautiful love quotes, and soulful expressions of black love, in full graphic colorful photos, for that special someone.'


Love in its many shades, forms, hues and states of existence can be beautiful and hauntingly intoxicating.

Yet no other love than" Black Love" has a mystery or story as deep, rich, and imbued with color, majesty and passion than ours.

Join Sefa Noir on a graphic and poetical journey depicting our love and telling our story in all of its elements and phases as

we show "Black Reverence".

Sefa Noir
The Soulful Substance
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The power of touching the spirit can be the most beautiful and life changing interaction you will ever experience. And finding a combination of strength and love within words are the epitome of what the mind seeks to bring together, as it searches for the perfect synchronization.

Within this beautiful and emotionally awakening poetry, Author Dwayne J. Torres delivers pieces of the soul that are craftily designed to enrich and inspire the inner man/woman and speak to the heart of their existence. With the added touch of powerful images of African American figures included!

This type of inspiration goes beyond the physical and brings to you a voice that captures the message of God and an insightful purpose of passion, destiny, deliverance and unity.

Allow this powerful poetry to create in you, a new level of soulful substance.

Dwayne J. Torres
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